Resources for #Boss Business Owners

These our our recommendations for our most used tools, programs and some of our "favorite things"!

Heads up! Some of these are affiliate links - this means I may receive a small commission from these items, but you will not pay a penny more! 

Website/Blog Resources

Weeknight Website (Web Hosting) - we use this web hosting for our own site! This is a WordPress platform (yay!), the customer service is amazing, and it's very user friendly.

NameCheap (Domain Purchasing) - Cheap and reputable we also used this when purchasing the domain

Canva Pro (Design Resource) - Beautiful and easy to use for editing pictures for your website, creating social media images, flyers, presentations, you name it!

Unsplash (Stock Photos) - This site has an awesome collection of free stock photos for your website/social media posts.

Blog Title Generator - We get it! sometimes you hit a creative wall. Blog Title Generator gives you content and title ideas to help you through.

Education - Level Up!

Bucketlist Bombshells Academy - I cannot recommend these courses enough!!! There are three courses - Design Skills Course, Tech Skills Course, and the Work Online + Travel the World Course. If you are starting a business from scratch I recommend the last one. If you're just looking for some new useful/marketable skills, the Design or Tech Courses may be for you!

Udemy - from coding to Thai cooking, Udemy offers tons of courses at extremely reasonable prices (and sometimes for free!)

Feedly - Stay up to date on the latest news, trends, etc. by creating a feed of the blogs/informational sites that will keep all the most recent info at your fingertips.

Best Books