Whether you’re just launching your business or site or if you’re looking for a revamp you may be asking yourself if you should hire a web designer. The short answer is – not always! There are a couple different factors to consider when considering whether to DIY or hire an expert.

Timeline and Budget

Timeline and budget are probably the major concern that comes to your mind when considering which route to take. When going the DIY route, it will most likely be cheaper (unless you go crazy buying add on’s and programs that you may or may not need) but it can take a ton of time to learn how to do it well/correctly and in a way that will deliver the results that you want. The benefit of hiring a web designer is that while it is an investment, a good designer can deliver exactly what you’re looking for in a way that will help you reach your goals within a much quicker timeline. Hill and Horizon can complete most sites in as little as 2 weeks!

DIY websites can also be frustrating if you don’t know how to code. You probably won’t get exactly the look you want without dedicating some time to learn how to do more than the “drag and drop” features that most DIY site builders give you.

If you’re up for the challenge of DIY I recommend checking out our Resources page. I also highly recommend the Bucketlist Bombshells Tech Course or Work Online and Travel the World Course. Both will give you the skills you need to get a website up and running. If you’re looking to get really deep in the weeds and learn how to code, The Web Developer Bootcamp course from Udemy is highly rated and it’s the one I used.


One benefit of DIY is you have total control to make your site look 100% exactly as you envision it (if you have the skills to enact it) but you may also run into choice overload. It’s not unusual to want to try 10 awesome fonts and your top 15 favorite colors and every cool animation and feature you stumble across *flashback to middle school slideshow presentations*. However, these choices can, not only conflict with your brand themeing, but can also make your website look way too busy. This distracts and confuses customers which results in fewer sales or leads for you or your business.

A professional web designer will of course make your website look… professional! A web designer has the eye to make sure that your branding stays on theme across the whole website. You don’t want potential customers to feel like they’re looking at a different company on each of your pages. DIYers can become over excited and create a website that looks too busy or inconsistent.


If you’re ultimate goals include planning to monetize your website or blog, hiring a web designer is definitely the way to go. They have the experience to lay out your website in a way that helps drive leads into becoming customers either through sales funnels, internal linking and storytelling or a dedicated store/shop page.

If you need a site that has special customizations like a shop page, email sign up page/landing page or online booking calendars, it is also a good idea to hire a designer. These types of customizations can be absolutely essential to your business. You need these pages to look good but also to work correctly ALL THE TIME! A web designer will make sure that your clients have no issues booking their appointments or checking out from your store.

So… do you really need to hire a web designer?

Take the time to consider your goals, branding, timeline and budget to determine whether or not you can successfully DIY your site!

If you find that you do need a web designer check out our Services page or Contact Us for a free consultation call!

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